Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150 Review

Many people prefer having to line their floors with a carpet; it looks great, and it’s soft and comfortable if you walk barefoot. But due to excessive use, especially of the rug in the central area, it can become dirty. With lots of people walking, children playing, and pets rolling around, carpets are susceptible to trapping dirt and dust deep in their fibers. Cleaning with a vacuum is an option, but it will only clean the surface of the carpet. Sweeping the rug every day means that you have erased the dust off the top, but the dirt trapped deep inside is still left. Thus, the carpet starts to look dirty and change its color, and the fibers become harder as well.

For that, you need to deep clean the carpet every once in a while; it will restore the look. You have the option of calling the professionals, but if you want to clean regularly, then they might be expensive. The next best option is to clean the carpet yourself; you can easily accomplish that by investing in a carpet cleaner machine. One of the best products you can buy for that purpose is the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner. It is easy to use and will clean quickly and efficiently. The product comes with different features such as automatic detergent mixing, rinse option, a Dual V nozzle, multiple brush system, and forced heated air, all to ensure effective cleaning.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150

The design

When you first look at the product, you will think of a vacuum cleaner; that is because it is designed like that. But many differences set the two machines apart. You will find that the carpet cleaner has two compartments, one for cleaning detergent and one for clean water; these two help make sure that you get the quantities of both right. Most of the other machines available do not come with this feature.

You will find a switch on the machine that allows you to switch from washing the carpet to rinsing. Once you turn to the rinse part, the device automatically stops adding cleaning fluid to the water. This way, you get to clean the carpet with water only and get the detergent out.

Another part of the designed that we liked is that the machine turns itself off when the tank of dirty water is full. That way, you don’t need to keep an eye on it so that it does not overfill while cleaning. The carpet cleaner is also very versatile as it comes with three other attachments; these are designed to help clean the stairs, the upholstery, and the crevice. The crevice tool allows you to get to the corners of the carpet, which are otherwise inaccessible.


The machine comes with a spin scrub brush system; this means that it includes powerful brushes that spin in 360 degrees. These brushes ensure that the carpet is scrubbed in every direction. The dual V nozzle ensures that the suction is equal on parts so that the process of cleaning becomes quicker. It can also clean hard stains quite nicely without you having to scrub or pre-treat them in the beginning.

If you have a small rug, then one gallon of water would be enough; it is possible that you may not need to fill the tank again. But if the carpet is large, then it is highly likely that you will need to empty and fill the tanks more than a few times. Rugs can take a lot of time to dry, but since this machine comes with an option to use hot air to dry, it ensures that drying time decreases, and you can use the carpet soon. The wash and rinse switch is located on the front; you will have to bend over to reach that part to make the switch.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine Specifications

  • The machine comes with a spin scrub system that allows the device to clean the dirtiest part of the carpet with the help of powerful brushes.
  • The dual V nozzle ensures that the cleaner can clean evenly with equal suction.
  • The dry time can be decreased with the help of the heat force feature, which also ensures proper cleaning of tough stains.
  • The machine is lightweight (about 19 pounds), which makes it easy to take around the house without creating any mess.
  • It comes with an 8-inch hose, an upholstery tool, a stair tool, a crevice tool, and even a small sample bottle of cleaning solution.
  • It comes with an automatic detergent mixing option, which ensures that you have the right mix of water and cleaning solutions for the best results.
  • It has a smart tank system that allows you to empty and fill the tank with ease. There is a quick pour sprout added to the recovery tank.
  • It also has a dual tank technology, one for water, one for detergent. This allows cleaning and filling the tanks quicker and simpler.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Ending the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine review, this product has received a ton of great reviews from customers. It has been assigned a rating of 4.2 out of 5, which makes this product one of only ones with such a high score. The best part about this product that customers love as well is that it comes with different attachments; this allows cleaning the stairs, accessing smaller areas, and other cleaning options available.

You need to make the right connection, or the water will leak from the tanks, but that can be rectified; all you need to do is make sure that the tank is correctly connected to the machines. Otherwise, we have no complaints about the product. So if you are looking for a good carpet cleaner that will serve you for a long time, then the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine is the best option for you. You will not be disappointed.

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

Walking on a carpet is a great feeling and carpets make our home look pretty, but cleaning them and keeping them stainless is another issue that we battle almost every single day. Carpets get dirty very quickly as we tend to walk on them with our shoes and also spill all sorts of stuff on it. there are things like coffee which stain hard and are not so easy to clean.

Coffee stains can destroy the whole look of the carpet, making it look ugly and unwelcoming. Since we tend to get coffee stains on our clothes as well, cleaning out those stains and the ones on the carpet does not require different techniques. The best thing you can do when you spill coffee is to clean it up right away so that it does not stain deep; grab a couple of paper towels of a clean cloth and clean. As soon as you have removed all the liquid coffee from the area, you can focus on removing the stain. Leaving the stain for a long time means that it will become stubborn, making it difficult to remove. But there is a solution, and even though it will take more effort, you will finally be able to remove the stain (it might take more than one try).  Remember, if you rub the stain, then the chances are that it will spread out instead of clearing up, so don’t agitate it.

Cleaning solution options

Before you tackle the coffee stain on the carpet, you need to figure out which cleaning solution you would like to use. Here are a few options:

Lemon juice

All you have to do is add two cups of water, make sure that it’s lukewarm, and then add 1/4th cup lemon juice to it. Freshly squeezed lemon juice will be most effective for this solution. Stir properly and the solution will be ready to use.

Vinegar and dish soap

One of the most common and effective solutions that you can easily make using home products; mix one tbsp dish soap and one tbsp white vinegar in 2 cups of warm water. Stir the solution until it is mixed well.

Club soda

You need to use club soda that does not come with any type of color or flavors. You can either spray the club soda on the stain or you can pour it directly on it.

Commercial solution

You will find many stain removal solutions in the store near you, try one that you think will be best suited for difficult stains.

Testing the solution

To make sure that your solution will work and that it does not fade away the color of the carpet, test it out on a small part of the stained area. Apply the solution and wait for around 25 minutes, then check the color of the area you applied the solution. If the color fades or the result is not what you expected, then opt for a different solution.

How to remove the coffee stain

The amount of work that you need to put in stain removal will depend on the type of carpet you have; if you have a normal carpet then you will be done quickly, but carpets like a shag carpet or ones with long fibers, you will have to apply a lot of work. Make sure that the stain is completely dry before you start to work with the cleaning solution.  Start by:

Blotting up

First and foremost take a cloth and blot up the liquid on the carpet. Make sure to use the clean parts of the cloth to make sure that the entire coffee has been soaked up. To ensure that the stain does not spread, start dabbing up the liquid from the outside and make your way inside. Ensure that you do not scrub the coffee as you will end up damaging the carpet and the fibers.


Take a little cold water and pour it on the coffee stain and take a different cloth to clean up the liquid. Repeat the process, if the area affected is bigger, then it is best to repeat these steps at least a few times. Make sure that the carpet is not over saturated as you aim to dilute the coffee and clean it with a cloth.

Use the stain remover

Whatever cleaning solution you have opted for, apply that to the affected area. Make sure that you use a suitable amount of solution, but do not overdo it as because of it, more dirt can get attached. Give the carpet a good amount of time to dry up. Once it is completely dry, vacuum so that the fibers can become fluffy again.

Keep an eye

You will need to keep a watch over the area where the coffee spilled so that you can check for reoccurrence. The stain will come back if the coffee had reached deeper into the carpet than you thought, or maybe you did not apply enough cleaning solution. to make sure that this time you get the entire liquid out, place a towel on the affected area and place a heavy weight on top of it, then repeat the steps mentioned above.

You find an old coffee stain or one that is persistent and keeps popping up, and then apply some water on the area. in case you have a wool blend or a wool carpet, then make sure that you add a little ammonia to the water you pour on the stain (one tbsp ammonia to 1 cup water), or you can ask professional carpet cleaners for advice. Blot the water solution on the carpet and leave it for at least 5 minutes. To clean the carpet and dry it off, the first blot with water and then blot with a dry towel or cloth and repeat the process a few times, and then let the carpet dry completely.

If you are not sure about the type of carpet you have, then the safest way to clean is to mix dish soap into water (3 drops vs. 1 cup). Blot the solution into the carpet once and then start blotting water and a dry cloth, alternatively and let dry.

How to get rid of carpet odor with baking soda?

A lot of foot traffic or having pets in the house can lead to a dirty carpet. Even though you may clean it regularly, the smell left behind may be hard to get rid of. one way of getting rid of the smell is by using baking soda. Baking soda is a common household ingredient that is used mostly for baking purposes, but the truth is that it is great for many other uses around the house, such as cleaning, removing some particular types of stains, and removing odor from the house.

You can use this odor remover anywhere in the house; it is great to remove almost all types of odors from the carpet, including the smell of animal pee. If you want to use baking soda as an odor remover then its best to use a fresh box of baking soda; we say this because an opened box may have already absorbed all the smells around it, so using it on the carpet will not be effective.

Getting rid of the smell with baking soda

Before you begin sprinkling baking soda on the carpet, vacuum it good and proper, baking soda will not be as effective on a dirty carpet. Make sure that the carpet is clean as it can be. Vacuuming will make sure that you pick up all the fibers, pet hair, and dirt, all particles big or small. If you have the habit of walking with shoes on your carpet, especially those that you just wore outside will result in dirt and oil grinding away the carpet from the top. The dirt will be left behind deep down in the fibers of the carpet which you will need to take out.

As soon as your carpet as clean as it possibly can be, make sure that you keep your family or pets away from the area that you are about to treat with baking soda. If the carpet you need to clean is where there is a lot of traffic, then you should make sections and treat with baking soda one by one. This way the treatment area will be left undisturbed.

Once your carpet is ready, make sure that you add a good amount of baking soda. Don’t hold back or hesitate in the amount you want to use. It’s okay if you end up using one or two boxes of baking soda. You need to make sure that the carpet is covered in a way that you can tell the color of the carpet; it should look next to white. Don’t worry about baking soda causing health hazards to anyone in your family as it is harmless.

If the carpet you want to clean is too big, then the best thing to do is divide it into sections and cover them up one by one. If the fibers of your carpet are very long then use a good brush and scrub the baking soda in so that it reaches the depths of the carpet. Pouring baking soda out of the box can be a little difficult as it can get clumpy so distribution may not be as even. The best thing to do is to take a shaker and use that to cover your carpet. If you are worried about using a brush on your carpet because of its unique texture, then take a cloth or a sock to rub it into the carpet so it gets to the roots.

Make sure that you leave the baking soda for at least 2 hours or even overnight. The longer you let the baking soda sit on the carpet, the better it will be able to absorb the smell. Baking soda works by neutralizing the smell. Stay off the area with the baking soda, this way you will not be able to drag it all over the house. Remember, the baking soda will not work until it is properly touching every inch of the smelly area.

Once you are ready to pick up, use the vacuum cleaner to pick up the baking soda. Use it thoroughly all over the carpet and make sure you do it slowly so that you can pick up all the baking soda on the carpet. If the smell is really bad, then it is possible that the odor does not vanish in just one use; make sure to apply it as much as necessary until the smell is completely gone. Make sure that the baking soda does not get wet or picking it up will prove to be a nightmare.

What to do if the smell is tougher?

Once you are done with the treatment, take a good sniff, if you need, take the entire day to check how the carpet smells. One time treatment will be effective for most bad smells, but if the smell is very strong, then the smell may not go with just one treatment. Best to go for a second treatment, just remember that the longer you keep the baking soda on the carpet, the better it will be able to neutralize the smell.

If your carpet is very dirty, then baking soda alone will not be effective; the best thing to do then would be to shampoo your carpet good and proper before you start the baking soda treatment. Make sure that you clean it as deep as you possibly can, this way you can be sure that the treatment will neutralize the smell. You don’t have to invest in carpet shampoo, you can simply mix white vinegar and water half and half, it will do the trick. Once you are done, make sure that the carpet dries up completely before you use baking soda.

If you want the carpet to smell nice, then you can add scent into the baking soda and use it. The fresh scent will help mask and remove the old smell of your carpet. Adding the scent is quite easy, all you have to do is add baking soda into a big bowl, add a few drops of the essential oil you like and mix the contents, put the baking soda into a shaker and pour it over your carpet. In case you have pets, make sure that the essential oil you use is safe for them.

Make sure that you repeat the process after every few weeks so that your carpet stays clean and great smelling. And baking soda will be more effective if you use it on smells that haven’t been around for a long time.

Best Carpet Steam Cleaner (Reviewed Oct. 2019) – Buyer’s Guide

carpet steam cleanerCarpet steam cleaner is very important when it comes to the health of your carpets, you want to extend their life for as many years as you can.

By keeping your carpets in tip-top shape, you increase the resale value of your home and ensure that you’ll always have nice carpets to come home to.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at the buying factors that go into shopping for a best carpet steam cleaner, plus three products that we handpicked on Amazon because they scored really high in the reviews. The Amazon score is a really good indication of product quality.

Carpet Steam Cleaner Reviews In Details

BISSELL Big Green 86T3 Carpet Cleaner Review

When you’re ready for one of the very best carpet machines out there, check out the Bissel Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. As reported on Amazon, it does a better job than even the most expensive rental machines.

The secret to its effectiveness is the DirtLifter PowerBrushes. It’s even great for stairs! The included hose and tough stains tool works on more than just carpets.

A flow indicator lets you know when it’s time to check the tanks and change/add more water or solution. Separate clean and dirty water tanks ensure that you’re always using pure water and solution to get your carpets their cleanest. In both backward and forward motion, it cleans your carpet in both directions.

The Amazon review score is all the evidence you need that this is one of the best carpet cleaners on the market. 5 out of 5 stars across 136 reviews. You can’t do better than that!

>> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<

Product Features:

  • Cleans In Forward And Backward Motion.
  • Dual Tanks For Clean And Dirty Water.
  • Tank Flow Indicator Lets You Know When To Refill.
  • Multiple DirtLifter PowerBrushes.
  • Anti Tip Design.

Final Analysis:


  • In carpet cleaning competitions, this unit is the proven winner!
  • Extra long power cord.
  • Cleans whether you’re pushing it forward or backward.
  • Large tanks hold lots of water – Less frequent water changings.
  • This machine is expensive, but the incredible performance is worth it.
  • Very fast carpet drying times.
  • Easy setup in 15 minutes – Clear instructions.
  • Gets more dirt out of carpets than two competing models combined.
  • Included wand can clean couch and chair fabrics.
  • Vacuum before deep cleaning and be amazed by the results!
  • Bissell cleaning solutions leave your carpet smelling great!


  • The large size makes it difficult to get underneath the sides of a bed.
  • A bit heavy for some.

Hoover F7452900 MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner Review

With a 12 amp motor, this machine has all the power you need in a stand up machine. The Dual-V feature ensures that you get equally powerful suction across the entire nozzle, not just a small area. The SpinScrub brushes feature heated cleaning that brings up more dirt and stains than other carpet cleaners. It includes hard surface accessories so you can do more with the machine without paying additional costs.

The wash, scrub, rinse, and heated drying features will have your carpets looking like new in no time flat. This machine has all of Hoover’s best design features installed. With no belts to interfere with the cleaning or break, you can be sure this is one long-lasting machine that’s built really well.

In the Amazon review section, you can see how well this product did. 4 out of 5 stars across a whopping 453 reviews is a pretty good score.

>> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<

Product Features:

  • 12 Amp Motor.
  • Patented SpinScrub Brushes.
  • Auto-Rinse Feature.
  • Dual V Technology Creates Equal Suction Across The Entire Nozzle.
  • Hard Floor Accessories For Added Value.
  • Included attachments for cleaning upholstery, shower doors, and more!.
  • Eight foot hose.
  • Soft wheels.
  • Two 1 gallon water tanks for clean/detergent water and dirty water.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Final Analysis:


  • 2 hours after cleaning, your carpets will be nearly dry!
  • Does a great job on tile.
  • Uses much less cleaning solution than competing brands.
  • Separate cleaning solution tank allows you to change water without having to add more solution.
  • Rinse button allows you to clean up soapy spots easily.
  • Easy to use without training.
  • Included attachments work great for upholstery and other jobs.
  • Time tested Hoover quality.
  • Cleaning the machine is easy.
  • Great for homes with pets.


  • Extremely hot water can crack the tanks.
  • Plastic construction can break if you abuse it.

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System Review

For anyone looking for an effective and low priced option for steam cleaning, the Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System is one product you might really want to consider. The low price is attractive, but it’s the Amazon review score that really made us look twice. 4 out of 5 stars across 75 customer reviews is really good, and that means that the great majority of people rated this item at a full 5 stars! Way to go Vapamore!

This product is suitable to clean and sanitize your entire home without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives! Consumers Digest rated this product at number one because it works so well. It’s ETL safety certified and has an ergonomic design that’s easy to work with.

The steam output is fully adjustable, and you’ll be amazed by the amount of steam it generates when it gets going. It takes about 11 minutes to get to steaming temperature, and after that, you’ll be ready to do some serious household cleaning.

This product comes with a variety of different attachments and nozzle tips that allow you to do more without spending more! With that said, let’s take a closer look at the features:

>> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<

Product Features:

  • Operation Indicator Lights
  • Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Patented Ergonomic Design
  • Fully Adjustable/Knob Controlled Steam Output
  • Electronic Solenoid That Eliminates Condensation Buildup
  • Accessory Caddy
  • 18 Foot Retractable Power Cord
  • Carrying Handle and Rubber Grip

Final Analysis:


  • Arrives from Amazon well packaged and protected
  • Knob on the front of the unit allows you to adjust the steam output to meet your needs
  • Using the nearest Dollar Store, you can buy microfiber rags to use as wiping cloths – No need to waste your money on the factory made pads
  • You can get your whole household clean without using harmful chemicals
  • Included steam gun is light and easy to handle
  • Makes a great Christmas or holiday gift!
  • Steam rate and flow rate are excellent on this machine
  • Many people with allergies find that their symptoms disappear after using this machine
  • This machine works just as well as steam cleaners that cost twice as much!
  • Developed according to user feedback for results that are actually worth it


  • Some reports of this company not honoring their warranty properly. They simply repair them and won’t ship brand new units out
  • Overall it’s a good deal for the asking price

Haan SI-35 Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer Review

While the product guide is for carpet steam cleaners, we know that people also have hardwood floors in their home. The Haan SI-35 Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer and Vapor Steamer is able to effectively clean hardwood floors with high steam temperatures of 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria through the temperature of the steam. It’s extremely small and compact, allowing you to get into corners and tight spots easily.

Ready to function in less than three minutes, each tank of water will give you 20 minutes of steam cleaning power. It functions without harsh chemicals or abrasives, and will get your hardwood floors and other hard surfaces clean every time.

For the price of the Haan Vapor Steamer you really can’t go wrong. It’s affordable and designed with your ultimate happiness in mind.

>> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<

Product Features:

  • 212 degrees of steam kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Uses only steam – no harsh chemicals.
  • 13.5 ounce removable water tank.
  • Weighs under 5 lbs with a full tank of water.
  • 19.5 feet of cord.
  • Includes floor protector and microfiber pads.
  • 1 year warranty.

Final Analysis:


  • One tank of water lasts over 20 minutes.
  • Small enough to fit under almost anything.
  • Even difficult jobs like hairspray residue is removed in under 2 minutes!
  • No waiting for the tank to cool down – Simply remove the tank and refill when ready.
  • Super thick and absorbent microfiber towels.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Removes tough pet odors with one use!
  • Affordable price.
  • Only 30 seconds to 3 minutes to heat up.
  • Lots of steam power in a compact unit.
  • People say they would buy this model again if asked to.
  • Easy to store away due to the compact size.
  • Microfiber pads clean up nicely in the washing machine.


  • Does not have a swivel head.
  • Cord is shorter than a few competing models.

Carpet Steam Cleaners Buying Guide

1. Motor Power

A motor power of 12 amps is sufficient for difficult cleaning tasks. This is generally the most sought after power level for carpet steam cleaners. More than likely, the carpet steam cleaner you’ll be considering purchasing will have 12 amps of power.

2. Solution Tank And Collection Tank

The best carpet steam cleaners will come with a collection tank that holds the dirty water and a solution tank that holds the clean water with added solution. The tanks should be adequate enough to allow for hours of use before removing and refilling of the tanks. The tank capacity should be at least 1 gallon.

3. Power Scrub Brushes

Quality powered scrub brushes are necessary to remove difficult stains and dirt. The suction power of the carpet steam cleaner will then be able to remove the offending dirt and grime and leave you with a fresh, like new carpet to enjoy. Check the amazon reviews to ensure that the carpet cleaner you’re looking at has enough brushes and is powerful enough to remove difficult stains.

4. Width Of Cleaning Path

The width of the cleaning path should be at least 10.5″. Some widths are slightly larger and some are slightly smaller, but generally they should be nearly a foot wide cleaning width.

5. Rinsing Feature

The ability of a carpet steam cleaner to rinse the carpet after scrubbing with water solution is necessary to avoid causing damage to the carpet. Look for carpet steam cleaners that are able to rinse the carpet clean with fresh water.

6. Should Leave Carpets Dry After Cleaning – Low Flow Technology

A good carpet cleaner will leave your carpets moist but dry overall. You don’t want a product that’s going to leave a wet, puddle like carpet behind after cleaning. You can see from the Amazon reviews about peoples experiences, and how dry the carpet steam cleaner will leave the carpet after cleaning. This is achieved by using low flow technology that doesn’t use too much water to get the job done.

7. Attachments For Stairs And Other Surfaces

Having the ability to use attachments to clean stairs and other surfaces will save money over the cost of renting or buying other products to accomplish the same tasks. You can really save a lot of money if your carpet steam cleaner can help you to remove soap scum from shower doors, clean the stairs, and clean your upholstery.

8. Warranty, Brand Name, And Amazon Review Score

All quality carpet steam cleaners will come with a warranty. Generally, anywhere from 1-3 years is a good warranty period. If anything goes wrong with the machine during this period, you can simply get a refund. Also, you should be sure that you choose from a brand name company, as the quality of your product is guaranteed to be good with a reputable manufacturer like Bissel, Dirt Devil, Haan, and Hoover.

Lastly, reading the Amazon review score is a very good indication of product quality, so you should definitely browse through these to ensure that the product you’re considering is genuinely worth the price.

BISSELL Proheat 2X Healthy Home Full Sized Carpet Cleaner, 66Q4 Review

Hot water is more effective in stain removal from carpets, therefore, carpet cleaners with an in-built water heater like BISSELL ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Full Sized Carpet Cleaner are more reliable and ensure maximum stain removal.

That’s not all you get from this pro-heat healthy-home carpet cleaner. You are able to deep clean your carpet with powerful surround suction and the magic of dual brush rolls that makes dirt removal very simple.

It features custom settings for heavy stained areas and faster carpet drying. The full-sized carpet cleaner also comes with very useful tools for extra cleaning and removing even the most stubborn stains.

Features of Bissell ProHeat 2X Healthy Home 66Q4 Carpet Cleaner

Built-In Water Heater

BISSELL Proheat 2X Healthy Home Full Sized Carpet Cleaner reviewAs I mentioned earlier, if your carpet cleaner can provide hot water whenever you need it, you are assured of maximum cleaning with excellent results. This BISSELL carpet cleaner has been constructed with an in-built water heater to supply constantly heated water. It also ensures you receive occasional hot water in case you choose not to heat your water continuously.

 Dual Brush Rolls

Dual brush rolls mean that you can get your carpet cleaner more easily and faster. This creative technology makes this carpet cleaner a must-have for homes with a lot of activities that lead to heavy stains on your carpet. You get the chance to get rid of dirt and stains for good with this healthy home carpet cleaner.

Multi-Function Custom Settings

BISSELL Proheat 2X Healthy Home Full Sized Carpet Cleaner ReviewThe custom settings this cleaner has allow you to pick the right mode for whatever you need to do on your carpet. You can clean light and heavy stains with their specific separate modes, as well as enjoy the carpet drying mode. These settings also determine the amount of detergent required for cleaning different spots depending on the weight of stain traffic.

2-in-1 Water Tank

It has a 2-in-1 water tank that stores clean and dirty water separately for better cleaning results. Unlike most carpet cleaners, these two tanks are designed as one for convenience and give the cleaner an easy to store construction. You will always be pleased with the cleaning results every time you use this full-sized carpet cleaner.

Useful Accessory Tools

Apart from its great functionality and ease of use and maintenance, this carpet cleaner is accompanied by several important tools for extensive cleaning. Including a Spraying Crevice tool, TurboBrush, Stair Tool and so much more, cleaning carpet and upholstery are made easier.

  • Works perfectly well on all floor surfaces
  • It includes very helpful extra cleaning tools; like the tough stains tool
  • Constant water heating for maximum cleaning
  • Wide cleaning maximizes cleaning and makes regular cleaning quick
  • Flow indicator inclusion makes it user-friendly.
  • This cleaner is prone to problems and gets faulty easily.

 Features at a Glance 

  • Surround Suction
  • Tough Stain Tool
  • DirtLifter Power brushes
  • Spraying Crevice Tool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Has anybody used this cleaner on furniture? How effective is it?

A: It works perfectly on furniture, at first I was afraid of the furniture getting wet but it did a great job.

Q: Are the clean water and detergent tanks separate?

A: The cleaner comes with a separate water tank and detergent tank. There is a solution tank on the back.

Q: Can you use the cleaner for regular vacuuming without a cleaning solution or water?

A: No you can’t. The machine is designed to use the return water tank to keep dirt contained. If you are not using water, you will be sucking debris into the motor.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a powerful motor and a full-sized carpet cleaner that will make your daily home cleaning achieve great results always, you have to consider this Bissell ProHeat 2X Healthy Home 66Q4 Carpet Cleaner. Every single use leaves your carpet, stairs and upholstery sparkling clean and sanitized.

This carpet cleaner makes your home more comfortable and freshened. It gives you an opportunity to live in a healthier and dirt-free house. It is exactly what you should purchase for maintaining your precious carpet and much more items around your home.

How to Remove Odors from Carpet? Ideas that Really Work

How to Remove Odors from Carpet

Between nasty spills and dirty shoes, it’s highly probable that your precious carpet will emit unwanted funky odors. Although the smells may make your living room inhabitable and kill the ambiance, it does not mean that you have to call professionals or use harsh chemicals to eliminate the odor. Here are several DIY tips that can come in handy when deodorizing your carpet as naturally as possible:

1. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is arguably the best deodorizer in case you’re looking forward to removing the accumulated odor in your carpet. Baking soda has unique abilities that enable it to absorb unpleasant smells and absorb excess moisture.
• Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and ensure that the fibers absorb it.
• Let it act on the odor overnight
• Vacuum clean the carpet to remove all the baking soda
• Repeat the process a second time for best results
In case the odor persists, you can mix the baking soda with essential oils. After that, use the procedure mentioned above. The results will be a clean carpet that is devoid of any unpleasant smell.

2. Deodorizing with Vinegar

Although vinegar may have a strong smell, worry not since it is odorless once it has completely dried up. For the procedure, use white vinegar.
• Pour vinegar in a spray bottle
• Spray the vinegar evenly on the carpet, taking note of the smelly parts.
• Repeat the procedure and allow the carpet to air dry.

3. Using Pet Enzyme Digester

The best cleaning solution in this category is Isopropyl alcohol. In addition to that, you will also need a fan and a towel.


• First, test the cleaning agent you’ve selected on a small area of your carpet. This is to check for any adverse reaction like a change in the carpet color. Consequently, wait for the areas to dry after which you can verify the results.
• If the test results go well, you can then pour the cleansing agent onto the affected area. Ensure it reaches deep into the padding.
• After 15 minutes, use a towel to soak up liquid from the carpet.
• Lastly, point a fan directly above the cleaned area to speed up the process of drying.

4. Deodorizing with Vodka

Unknown to most people, vodka is an excellent option that you can use to clean your carpet and eliminate bad odor. Not only does vodka kill bacteria but is also a proven stain remover. It is excellent for removing pet urine as well as other stubborn smells.
• Carry out spot cleaning of the area then spray some vodka on top.
• Allow the vodka to act on the stain for between 10 to 15 minutes
• Use a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture
• In case some moisture remains, sprinkle some baking soda on the surface to absorb the remaining moisture.
• Lastly, vacuum cleans the carpet to get rid of the smell completely.

5. Lemon

Lemon is packed with acids that play a vital role in removing stubborn odors from your carpet.
• Mix fresh lemon juice with some warm water
• Apply the solution directly onto the areas where the odor lingers using a spray bottle or dry towel.
• Scrub the area with paper towels or a piece of cloth
• Allow some time to dry then vacuum

The Verdict

Although you may have an undying love for your carpet, it doesn’t mean that you withstand its an unpleasant smell. If you’ve been wondering how to remove odors from the carpet, the tips mentioned above will be helpful as well as assist in retaining its original glow.

Best Carpet Cleaners for Pets – Top Product Reviews

 dog on carpetMillions of people around the world love keeping pets, and the most common ones are dogs and cats. As much as these adorable little creatures bring joy in our lives, they also bring a considerable amount of mess. No matter how trained your pet is, there is no guarantee that they will never make a mess So, you will need the best carpet cleaner for pets to keep your home clean.

While there are vacuum cleaners and mops to help you keep the floors clean, it’s the carpets that are hard to clean. Pet owners know how much their furry friend’s urine on carpet stinks and how thoroughly cleaning the stain is impossible. However, not anymore because there are numerous carpet cleaners for pets that make the job easier for you.

There are tons of options available when it comes to carpets cleaners, so it is important that you get the best carpet cleaner for pets with the features that will help you in your task. Since the list of best carpet cleaner for pets is never-ending, we have narrowed down the options, which we are going to review in this article so that it’s easier for you to choose one.

Best Carpet Cleaners for Pets Reviews 2019

1. Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner 1986Bissell has always tried to make quality products for people with kids and pets in the house who have tight schedules and need something that will get the work done in no more than a few minutes. This is one such product.

Dual Cleaning Mode

The ProHeat 2X Revolution offers two different cleaning modes. You can use it to quickly clean any mess your pet made using the Express Clean mode. Otherwise, you can use the Deep Clean mode to spray a little extra solution on the stain and deeply cleanse it with the brush. The latter mode is mainly used to clean old stains that have dried up.

Heatwave Technology

It comes with a different hose for specialized cleaning and has heatwave technology that helps keep the water warm so that the stain can be cleaned easily. The 12 alternating rows of brushes are the highlight of this machine. Working with the heatwave technology, the brushes allow you to easily get any stain off, even if it has set in already.

Affordable and Easy Usage

The price might be a little high for some, but it is worth every penny considering the amazing features it has to offer. The ProHeat 2X Revolution is one of the best when it comes to removing stains from carpets. Furthermore, it is easy to use and does not require a lot of maintenance.


With its 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool, you can clean couches, chairs and any other place where your pet can possibly leave a mess. It can work in both dry and wet modes. With the dry mode, you can suck up all the pet hair and dirt and if need be, you can use the wet mode to completely clean the area with a cleaning solution.


  • Heatwave technology
  • Different cleaning options
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Portable


  • Known for easily breaking
  • Pricey
  • Not easy to store

2. Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet CleanersHoover Power Scrub Elite comes second in this list, but that does not mean it is any less. It could easily tie for first place. It was specially made to clean pet messes, so it has all the latest features you will need in a carpet cleaner for pets.

Cleaning Modes

It offers two cleaning modes: Quick Clean and Deep Clean. You can quickly clean any recent mess with the help of the Quick Clean mode, and the Deep Clean mode will help clean any mess that’s been there for a while.

Antimicrobial Tool

The urine of a pet causes not only a stain but also germs in that area, but this carpet cleaner is perfect for cleaning such messes. Its antimicrobial tool deeply cleans the stain and gets rid of any bacteria as well.


The Heat Force cleaning feature in this machine allows the carpet to dry faster in approximately 45 minutes, which is one of the fastest times a carpet could dry in. This makes it another reason why people with kids and pets should go for it.

Water Capacity

The water tank can carry around 1.25 gallons of water, which makes it easier for you to clean large areas without frequently refilling the tank.

Durability and Portability

This machine is solid and durable and it comes at an affordable price, so it is a great option for a big household. Furthermore, the weight of the machine is only 18.5 lb. which is pretty light as compared to other carpet cleaners. Hence, it is easier to carry around the house.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Antimicrobial cleaning tool
  • Thoroughly cleans all stains and removes any smell
  • Heat Force cleaning feature
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • High water tank capacity


  • The spinning brushes do not work as well as the roller brushes
  • There have been some complaints that the machine leaks from the back, so make sure you check before buying so as not to get a malfunctioning piece
  • Comes with only 2 years of warranty

3. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150

hoover power scrub deluxe carpet washerAnother carpet cleaner by Hoover made it to this list because of its effective cleaning and other useful features that put this machine above the average. The Power Scrub Deluxe has got some great reviews and has been the best carpet cleaner for pets since 2018. The reason behind its popularity is probably the fact that this machine offers some great features at an affordable price.


It weighs around 19 pounds, which is not bad considering other carpet cleaners weigh almost the same. Furthermore, the Power Scrub Deluxe has multiple handles that make it easier to carry around the house, especially up and down the stairs. Parts of the machine are also removable, including the brushes and nozzles, which not only make cleaning convenient for you but also make it easy for you to store it.

SpinScrub Brush

One feature that is exclusive to Hoover is the SpinScrub brush system. Multiple brushes are connected together and constantly moving at 360 degrees in a counter-clock motion. This motion helps remove set-in stains quickly and easily.

Automatic Detergent Mixer

The machine has an automatic detergent mixer that ensures you have the right amount of detergent and soap to remove any stain efficiently.

Additional Features

One of the nozzles that Hoover offers with this machine is the DuaIV nozzle. The reason for mentioning it explicitly is that it is designed to suck out even the toughest stain with an adequate amount of suction. Moreover, the crevice tool makes it easier for the user to reach areas where a standard cleaner cannot reach like under the sofa or a seat. It also has an upholstery tool so that you can easily clean the top of chairs.


  • Portable with efficient cleaning functionality
  • The SpinScrub brushes remove tough stains easily
  • Automatic detergent mixer
  • Comes with an upholstery and crevice tool


  • The water tank capacity is not high enough
  • It comes with only 2 years of warranty

4. Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain CleanerThe Bissell SpotBot Pet Stain Cleaner is different from other carpet cleaners on this list because it is a hands-free spot cleaner. This little portable model offers the same features as any other great carpet cleaner for pets, except for one thing. So, let’s get right down to business and talk about what qualities this modern and innovative carpet cleaner has.

Automatic Cleaning Cycle

This stain cleaner is handsfree because of its automatic cleaning cycle that allows you to put the machine to work while you sit back and relax. This feature can come in handy for people who have a strict schedule and do not have the time to clean every time their kids or pets make a mess.

With this cleaner, all you have to do is to put the machine on the carpet and turn it on. It will clean by itself all the small stains and spots and can easily remove even the old spots that have already set in. Once the work is done, the machine will notify you.

Dual Cleaning Options

This compact machine offers two different cleaning options for set-in stains and surface stains. The set-in stain option is for deep cleaning while using more water and cleaning solution. On the other hand, the surface stain setting quickly cleans any spills or stains while using less solution.

Furthermore, the cleaner works with the spiral brushing technology, which helps remove all the smell and bacteria that comes with the stain.

Automatic Setup

The whole cleaning process is automatic, including the scrubbing, spraying, and suctioning. It also comes with a detachable hose that you can use to clean car interiors and upholstery.


The machine only weighs 14 pounds, so it is easy to carry around. What’s more is that the price of the machine is quite low, making it an affordable option.


  • Automatic spiral brushing technology
  • Suitable for removing stains that are hard to reach
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • The attachable hose can be used to clean all kinds of surfaces


  • Not suitable for washing off larger stains
  • Circular spots can be left on the cleaning area after use, which can be removed using the hand wand.

5. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional

Bissell 3624 SpotClean ProfessionalThe Bissell 3624 SpotClean is a compact and portable carpet cleaner that is an excellent choice for cleaning small stains, whether they are old or new. It is much better than those large carpet cleaners, especially for lazy people like me who can take full advantage of this machine.

Compact Design

The size of this cleaner might get some people thinking that it will not be too effective, but they could not be more wrong. In fact, the small size is a great thing about this machine. Being small means that it is lightweight and can easily be moved from one place to another. The small size can also come in handy when cleaning spots and stains that are hard to reach otherwise.

Supreme Suction Power

Even though the machine is small, it offers excellent suction power. Since it is an electric machine, there is no chance of the machine stopping even under extreme conditions, unlike battery-powered machines which tend to give out on even the slightest stress. As the power of the motor is 5.7 amps, this machine can do some powerful cleaning.

Versatility and Affordability

This carpet cleaner is a handheld machine with a 22-foot power cord. Hence, it can be used to clean anything, from upholstery to staircase. It offers amazing cleaning functions as well at a very affordable price tag. However, with all its might, the Bissell 3624 is not suitable for cleaning large areas and can only effectively work on smaller stains.


  • Small and portable
  • Perfect for spot cleaning
  • Machine power is superior to most other cleaners
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for a variety of tasks
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for large cleaning areas
  • The hose is rather short
  • The water tank is tricky to fill and empty

6. Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner, 17N4

The Bissell 17N4 DeepClean Premier is known for being one of the most affordable carpet cleaners. However, that is not the only reason for its popularity. It has been made especially for pet owners and the amazing features of this machine vouch for it. Not only does it clean stains and spots, but it can also extract hair out of carpets that have been shed from pets.

Heatwave Technology

The first feature that you will notice in the Bissell 17N4 is its heatwave technology. With this technology, the machine keeps water in the tank heated so that removing stains could be more efficient.

Water Capacity

The water tank of this carpet cleaner can contain 1.25 gallons of water, which means you can clean longer without needing to refill it much.


The Deep Reach pet tool and dual PowerBrushes can clean efficiently, removing any dirt, stain or odor embedded deep in the carpet. You can remove the nozzles as well for maintenance purposes.

Furthermore, the Bissell 17N4 DeepClean Premier is only two feet tall, so it can be easily stored in small places and will not take up much space. However, since it is made of high-quality material, the weight of the machine is quite substantial at 25 lb. Hence, you might find it hard to handle, especially for those with low strength in the upper body.

Hair Basket

The highlight of this carpet cleaner is its pet hair basket, which is used to collect all the pet hair and other debris from the carpet separately. This feature is hardly found in any other carpet cleaner. Thanks to this basket, pet hair will not form clumps that might re-deposit onto the carpet, so it keeps the carpet as well as the brushes clean. It also makes sure the tank water does not get dirty too quickly.


  • The machine can fit in small spaces
  • Can removes stain, pet hair, leaves, dirt, and mud
  • Heatwave technology keeps the water warm
  • Affordable cleaner with efficient cleaning ability
  • High water tank capacity
  • Pet hair basket keeps carpet and water tank clean


  • Since the machine is heavy, it’s not suitable for people with low mobility or body strength
  • The machine needs you to add soap directly to the water tank, which can waste a large amount of soap on small spots

7. Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer, 1622Bissell is one of the best carpet cleaner manufacturers, which is why more than half this list contains Bissell carpet cleaners. It has manufactured some of the best carpet cleaners for pets, but the PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Carpet Cleaner is different from the rest.

Straightforward Mechanism

This machine does not have all the extra features like and as a result, using it is much easier. It is suitable for those who want something affordable and straightforward and don’t want to pay for all the extra features that they will never use. Just because it has nothing special does not mean it can’t be in the top 8 list. In fact, that’s what makes it special.


One thing that makes this carpet cleaner a great option is that it only weighs 16 lb., which is comparatively less than what most carpet cleaners weigh. This makes it suitable for older people who have pets as it is easier to carry around and maneuver.

Additional Features

The cleaning path of this machine is 11 inches wide, which is a pretty good size. It comes with four rows of DirtLifter PowerBrushes for cleaning so that you can clean more deeply, whether you have a deep or low pile carpet. However, there are no Edge Sweep brushes and hose.

The motor power of this cleaner is 6.25 amps, and there is a 20-foot cord, which allows you to cover large areas with a lot of power. No matter how stubborn the stain is, this carpet cleaner will get it off in just a few minutes.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Straightforward mechanism
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Top-notch sucking and cleaning power


  • Doesn’t have a hose, so you can’t use any attachments with it
  • Lack of Edge Sweep brushes means you can’t clean along the baseboards efficiently
  • Relatively smaller tank
  • Doesn’t have other advanced features such as a heater

8. Bissell Pet Stain Eraser 2003T Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser 2003T Cordless Portable Pt Carpet CleanersThis list of amazing carpet cleaners for pets will be incomplete with this product. Another product by Bissell, the Pet Stain Eraser 2003T comes with advanced technology and great features. It is the only truly cordless carpet cleaner on this list.


Even though its size is small, the machine can do as much work as a full-sized carpet cleaner. This compact rechargeable carpet cleaner can easily reach the nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with a full-sized cleaner. The Pet Stain Eraser has all the features one could ask for in a pet carpet cleaner, but what’s even better is that it comes at an affordable price.

Easy to Use

You can clean all kinds of surfaces with it including upholstery, sofas, and chairs. All you have to do is to mix hot water with detergent, spray the mixture on the stain, leave it for 5 minutes, and use the machine to rub off the stain!

The handle on the device is positioned in the center, which gives you solid command on the cleaner and you can maneuver it quite effortlessly.


The Bissell 2003T can be a good carpet cleaner to invest in if you are new to this whole concept and just want to try something first. Since it’s a handheld machine, it is quite easy to carry around and is pretty convenient to use. Unlike any other pet carpet cleaners, you can just start using it right away. Furthermore, the device weighs only 4.6 lb., so you won’t even have to exert yourself while carrying it.


  • Lightweight
  • Can easily reach corners
  • Easy to carry around and maneuver
  • Extremely affordable
  • Effective cleaning
  • Versatile


  • The battery life is less than expected, which is 15 minutes per charge
  • There have been many reports that the device has a leakage problem


Having a carpet cleaner for pets can make the task easier. It solves half the problems pet owners face. Accidents can happen anytime, but having something like a carpet cleaner can fix the problem right away. It is a great solution for people with busy schedules.

There are many options available in the market, so you need to research to get the best product for yourself. Every machine has its fair share of drawbacks, so you need to weigh the pros and cons. If the pros are heavier and more beneficial, invest some money in it. It will benefit you in the long run.

Best Portable Carpet Cleaner Reviews

best portable carpet cleanerCarpet cleaners are a necessity in any home with carpeted floors, but often, the carpet cleaners are so large and heavy that they are immobile. This makes moving them from room to room, up and down the stairs and in and out of cabinets an unnecessary pain.

You may be wondering if settling for a portable carpet cleaner will take away from its performance or cleaning ability. However, many companies design cleaners such that they can work optimally even when they are compact or lightweight; it is just a matter of finding the right model.

Choosing one from many portable carpet cleaners can still be tough because there are so many options in the market, each one with different pros and cons. Other considerations include your budget and personal requirements. To put your mind to ease, we have compiled a thorough review that covers all the best portable carpet cleaners. By going through these reviews, you can find the one that best fits your needs.

Best Portable Carpet Cleaner Reviews

#1.Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner – High-End Cleaner

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet CleanerThis professional spot cleaner is very compact and easy to move around. It is perfect for specialized cleaning of small areas. From car upholstery to carpets, this cleaner can be used on many surfaces thanks to its wide range of interchangeable tools. It is a good option if your main concern is cleaning areas that are otherwise hard to get with upright cleaners. It is also especially good for dealing with specific spots.

Using SpotClean will give you professional-level results. The combination of water, cleaning chemicals, and high suction power can handle any cleaning issue you have at home. Having an ultra-portable carpet cleaner with a large tank means you can go around and tackle many areas in one go.

This carpet cleaner gives you good value for money. It comes with a 5-foot hose that helps clean spots and stains in areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Having this hose on the machine along with many tools means there is no cleaning problem you can’t fix with this cleaner. These fittings are made for specific tasks, so they are specially designed to reach difficult areas or address different materials.

Even on such a portable machine, the tank is large. This cleaner has a 3/4-gallon tank, so the need for adding water and cleaning solution frequently in one session is reduced drastically. You can clean many areas of your house before you need to refill the tank, which really simplifies the cleaning process.

The Bissell 3624 comes with a 6-inch stair tool, which is the perfect size to clean carpeted stairs. The 5-foot hose along with the 22-foot power cord also allows you to reach a great distance, even with the machine connected to one power outlet. Moreover, the cleaner addresses a large variety of stains, so you don’t have to worry about a specific stain not being cleaned.

At 13.2 pounds, the cleaner is very portable and the 3/4-gallon tank is more than sufficient for one round of cleaning. The machine comes with a trial bottle of BISSELL Professional formula, which works well in conjunction with the machine.

The machine does have some cons. For instance, the power cord limits the range of machine and the hose weakens with heavy use. However, with proper maintenance, the cleaner will stay in good shape and last a long time.


  • Powerful suction
  • Deep cleaning as opposed to just cleaning the surface
  • Great for pet owners


  • Cord limits the range of the machine
  • Hose weakens with heavy use

#2.Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner – Easiest to Use

Rug Doctor Portable Spot CleanerRug Doctor’s portable spot cleaner is another option you may want to consider. It uses the spray, scrub and raise method to lift stains and dirt off your carpets. It is great at focusing on spots that are deeply embedded as the scrubbing lifts the dirt straight off the carpet.

Since it’s a portable option, it checks the boxes of easy lifting and carrying. You can use it to clean stairs, the inside of your cars and any area that is otherwise hard to access with a heavier carpet cleaner. Not only does this cleaner address stains, but it also gets rid of odors, making it the perfect cleaner for spills and pet messes.

It comes with a motorized brush so that you don’t have to exert any manual effort for scrubbing. The brush scrubs deep into your carpets so that no dirt is left. Having this system of brushing is especially useful because it reduces the time you would spend to ensure you were scrubbing well enough.

Additionally, the size of the cleaner is made to be so small that it can fit on a single stair step. Hence, you can store it even in the smallest of closets. It has a retractable handle that compresses into the cleaner itself so that it takes less space. Having the handle also means you can easily wheel it around. The wheels are specialized for easy gliding so that the work is made as easy as possible.

The machine has removable tanks that keep the clean and dirty water separate so that you can clean without the dirty water contaminating the clean one. It also boasts twice the suction power of competitors to make sure all kinds of stains are easily cleaned.

It is made specifically for fast drying so that the cleaning process doesn’t inconvenience you. The brushes have the ability to feather the area that has been cleaned so that it blends in with the rest of the carpet once the cleaning is done. Since no steam or heat is involved in the process, the cleaning is gentle and does not damage carpet fibers.

Despite all these upsides, there are some flaws in the machine. For one, its tank has been reported to be inconvenient to fill compared to other cleaners. The machine may also leave a foot trail on the carpet. However, these issues are not very prominent when compared to the many advantages that it offers.


  • High suction power, especially considering the compact size
  • Good customer care service
  • Easy to move from place to place


  • The tank is inconvenient to fill compared to its alternatives
  • The machine may leave a foot trail on the carpet

#3.Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner – Environment-Friendly

Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery CleanerIf you’re looking for a carpet cleaner that is also designed to work well with upholstery, this may be an option worth checking out. In Bissell’s range of cleaning machines, it is one of the lightest and smallest devices. This means that the cleaner is perfect for spot cleaning but not so much for larger areas.

Most portable carpet cleaners are focused on stain and spot treatment as opposed to large spreads of area. With that in mind, this machine is a good option to consider as it does a great job of getting rid of tough stains.

The cleaner addresses your cleaning needs all in one step. The spray and suction effectively clean the area and when the cleaner is lifted, the drying is fast and the stain is gone. The fast action of this machine is definitely a notable factor on this device if you’re not a big fan of cleaning and just want the job done.

The water tanks on this cleaner are easy to drain and reuse. This is important in a cleaner like this one because compact cleaners have smaller tanks as compared to their full-sized alternatives. The ease of tank drainage plays a major role in how quickly the machine can be filled, used, drained and put away. These tanks speed up the process and are a great perk to have.

The machine comes with a 3-inch stain tool that is the perfect size to address specific spots with strong suction. Furthermore, it weighs only 9.6 pounds, so it is easy to carry. It can also be easily stored because of its compact size and since the power cord is 15 feet long, it can clean a large area without changing the power outlet.

It is multipurpose and is perfect for cleaning furniture, car interiors, carpets, and stairs. The cleaner comes with a specialized cleaning liquid that is especially effective at cleaning out stains. Additionally, it is environment-friendly in that it is made from post-consumer recycled plastic and the tanks and hose are PVC-free.

On the downside, the cleaner comes with only a 1-year warranty while most competitors offer 2 years. The head can also get clogged with debris but can easily be separately washed.


  • If you are a conscious buyer, you will appreciate that at least 50% of the device is made with recycled plastic
  • The clean water tank opens at the bottom, while the dirty water tank opens on the top so that both types of water are separated
  • Multipurpose to address different cleaning needs


  • It comes with only a 1-year warranty
  • Head gets clogged with debris

#4.Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner – Most Innovative Cleaner

Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain CleanerAnother option by Bissell is its pet handsfree cleaner. As far as carpet cleaners go, this is perhaps one of the easiest to use. It comes programmed with different cleaning modes that can be used for different types of messes and can work accordingly. Just like other cleaners, the brush deep cleans.

The automated setup of this cleaner allows you to pick a mode, and the cleaner does the rest for you. If you are a pet owner and want a device that specializes in cleaning up pet messes, you will find this machine of great use.

The handsfree aspect of this cleaner is its biggest advantage. It has different automatic cleaning cycles to choose from. This cuts down on the time and effort required to clean up. You don’t even need to be present while the machine is working as it will stop when its cycle ends.

This machine uses DeepReach technology. It aims to clean stains deeply embedded in carpets, so the brushes rotate while they scrub in order to get the dirt out. The spiral brushing action performs over 400 cleaning revolutions in one cycle, so there is no doubt your carpets will be sufficiently cleaned.

The cleaner weighs 14 pounds and is compact so that it can be easily stored. The power cord extends to 15 feet to let you reach large areas without changing the power outlet frequently. Furthermore, the machine comes with Bissell 2x Pet Stain & Odor Formula as well as Bissell Pet Oxy Boost Formula for optimal cleaning.

Unlike other options, this cleaner is not specialized for staircase cleaning. Moreover, at 14 pounds, it is heavier than other alternatives. However, for many people, the automated aspect of the cleaner will outweigh the cons.


  • Two trial formulas in combination with the machine give the best results
  • The cleaner is particularly good for pet owners
  • Automated cycles are a unique feature of the device


  • Not designed for cleaning staircases
  • At 14 pounds, it is heavier than other alternatives

#5.Hoover Spotless Deluxe Carpet Cleaner – The Most Portable Cleaner

Hoover Spotless Deluxe Carpet CleanerA portable option by Hoover is its Spotless Deluxe Carpet Cleaner. It comes equipped with many different types of tools that can be used in many different areas, so the cleaner is multipurpose. If you are looking for a high-quality spot remover, this is one device you should consider.

It is lightweight, compact and portable. The long hose and power cord extends your reach even more, allowing you to reach difficult places and deep clean them. Pets and children have been considered in the making of this device, so the stain remover is able to remove spots of a large variety. Hence, you don’t have to worry about which tough stains the machine can’t handle.

Often, cleaning the machine itself is a big problem in its maintenance, but this carpet cleaner reduces this worry by implementing a self-cleaning hose. You only have to plug the hose into the cleaning port at the back of the cleaner and turn your Spotless on to flush out any debris built up within the hose. This avoids both dirt buildup as well as any odors that may develop within the hose.

This cleaner is especially compact as it is only 15 inches tall. This allows you to store it anywhere without worrying about space. The compact size of a cleaner is very important in the choice of portable carpet cleaners as their storage needs to be easy. Since this machine is lightweight, compact and easy to store, it’s a big plus.

The machine includes a 2-in-1 tool with antibacterial protection that prevents bacteria, mold, and mildew from building up. It also includes a stair tool and crevice tool for hard-to-reach areas. Its Dual Tank Technology separates clean and dirty water so that the cleaning process is hygienic.

The hose is 5 feet long so that it can reach a large area while still plugged into one outlet and the machine weighs less than 9 pounds, so it is ultra-portable.

Some customers have reported that the tank can be difficult to fill without a funnel. It is important to note, however, that filling the tank is usually the only difficult part of using a carpet cleaner, so this is not surprising.


  • Very lightweight
  • Has the added benefit of a self-cleaning hose
  • Multiple tools included for different types of cleaning


  • The colored brush can leave a slightly red coloring on light colored carpets
  • Unit needs to be air dried after use
  • The tank can be difficult to fill without a funnel

#6.Bissell Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner – Best Cleaner That Uses Heat

Bissell Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet CleanerThis ProHeat cleaner heats up the water for the best cleaning results instead of using room temperature water. It has a built-in heater for this purpose that is used in the tanks. In addition to the heated water, the machine uses a powerful spray and suction to dry the carpet after cleaning.

It comes with various tools including a flexible hose, a stain brush, and spraying crevice tool so that all types of cleaning necessities can be fulfilled by one cleaner. It is easy to use while being very effective.

The most prominent feature of the cleaner is definitely its heating system. This is rare to find in a machine that is not a steam cleaner. The heater heats water up to 25 degrees and in combination with the cleaning chemicals, this gives great cleaning results. The heat makes it easier for stains to be removed without scrubbing to the point of irreparable damage to the carpet.

The small size and light weight of the device make for easy cleaning experience. Even the tank refilling process has been modified to ensure that using the machine is as easy as possible for the user. You don’t have to worry about wasted time with this cleaner as it is made specifically to be efficient and effective.

Clean and dirty water tanks are separated in the device for hygiene purposes. The device weighs only 13 pounds and the hose is 4 feet long, so you can reach far and wide without unplugging and re-plugging the cleaner.

A 3-inch tough stain tool allows you to reach difficult areas to remove stains. The package includes a trial bottle of the Stain & Odor Formula for even better stain removal.

A con to this device is that the nozzle may be sensitive to rigorous cleaning and has to be used with care. As a general rule, however, it is best to use any cleaner with care in order to prevent damage, so this con can be easily overlooked if you are a cautious user.


  • The cleaner is incredibly easy to assemble
  • The input of water in the clean water tank is slower than the output in the dirty water tank, so you don’t have to discard dirty water very often
  • The built-in heater is a rare feature on portable cleaners


  • The nozzle may be sensitive to rigorous cleaning and has to be used with care
  • The nozzle can be difficult to clean, especially in the case of pet hair

Buyer’s Guide


On a portable device, the factor of importance is often the weight and size of the device. The lighter and smaller a machine is, the more easily it can be moved around and stored.

Power Cord and Hose Length

Having a long power cord and hose on a device will allow you to clean a large area while the cleaner is still plugged in the same power outlet. This allows you to save time.

Additional Tools

When buying a carpet cleaner, it is a big pro if the same machine can be used for multiple cleaning purposes. Hence, it is important to check what additional tools come with the device that will allow you to clean difficult areas such as stairs.

Suction Power

The greater the suction power on your cleaner, the higher its ability to suck the cleaner liquid and water back up. This ensures that your carpets are not left too soggy or that any stains are not left behind.

Brush Specifications

When it comes to the brush head, it is important to check whether the brush is automated or if it will have to be manually rubbed into the carpet. An automated brush allows for a more thorough cleaning.


There are many factors that you have to consider for your specific case such as whether you have children or pets. There might be a specific feature as well that stands out to you such as the heating on the ProHeat by Bissell or the automation on the Bissell SpotBot, but what really determines your final choice is your needs.

You would not be disappointed by these portable carpet cleaners as you can easily move them around and access more areas in your home as well as your car. You will also not have to face the physical burden of using heavy upright cleaners and their large water tanks. The ultimate choice of the perfect portable carpet cleaner depends on you. Happy cleaning!

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner Review

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet CleanerAs a pet owner, house upkeep becomes a much harder task as your pet roams freely and finds things to mess up. Carpets for one become grimy super fast. If you have been considering replacing your carpets, you may want to take a moment to consider a cleaner that is specifically made for your needs. The Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner is made to clean out carpets thoroughly, especially after they have been soiled by pets.

The cleaner comes equipped with all the necessary features required to maintain clean, fresh carpets in your home all year round. Now, you can let your pets make a mess and leave the stress of cleaning it up to Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner.

Two Specialized Cleaning Modes

The Hoover Power Cleaner comes with two main modes, each made for a specific task. The Deep Clean Mode gives the device more time to thoroughly clean your carpets. It is great for a first-time use to ensure that your carpets are clean inside out and easy to maintain later. This mode is great at removing old and stubborn stains as well. On the other hand, the Quick Clean Mode allows easy maintenance as you can quickly run over your carpets and expect them to dry out completely in under an hour.

By alternating between the modes, you can make carpet cleaning an easy and efficient process. By using the Deep Clean mode occasionally for thorough cleanups and the Quick Clean Mode for more frequent but shorter cleanups can help your carpets stay consistently clean.

Antimicrobial SpinScrub Brush System

The cleaner’s SpinScrub system is designed with smaller brushes rotating at the bottom to gently brush out deeply embedded dirt and stains. This system prevents the build-up of bacteria in your carpets so that you can avoid unpleasant odors from the mess that your pets make. The soft brushes also do not damage your carpets so that they last you for a long time.

This system is built keeping in mind the type of grime that develops on carpets when they are used by pets. Therefore, the system is good at getting deep into carpets and eliminating all problematic substances.


  • The cleaner is lightweight and can easily to be moved up and down the stairs in your home
  • It is equipped with a large 1.25-gallon water tank so that the water can be changed less frequently
  • Detergent mixing within the device happens automatically, reducing the time required to get it started
  • Strong suction in the cleaners helps lift and remove dirt
  • SpinScrub brushes help eliminate and deodorize your pet’s mess
  • Setting up the device for the first time is easy and only requires a screwdriver
  • The cleaner glides effortlessly on different carpet types
  • Despite the big size, the water tank is easy to empty after a cleaning session
  • There is a rinse option for thorough cleaning of the dirty detergent water left in your carpets
  • The device is compatible with all kinds of cleaning solutions and has a compatible Hoover Expert Pet Detergent that works miracles with the cleaner

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner has been massively popular among pet owners because of its ease of use. Using the cleaner requires minimal effort for great results, which makes it a popular choice. Owners find that the cleaner is not only good for pet messes but is in general great at ridding the carpet of all impurities. From the assembly of the product to filling the tank and using it, the cleaner is found to be fast and effective.

Some customers did find that the Deep Clean mode was less effective at cleaning than the Quick Clean mode. However, the issue only arose in cases where the operator tried to move too fast across a patch of carpet. It is important to note that the Deep Clean mode is designed to be more thorough in its cleaning and, therefore, requires more time and patience.

Overall, the carpet cleaner is equipped with everything you could possibly require to deep clean and maintain the cleanliness of the carpeting in your house. Targeted toward pet owners, it is proven to be effective at preventing odor and stain buildup from pet messes. If you are in the market for a cleaner designed for carpets soiled by pets, you should definitely consider the Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner as it most probably is exactly what you’re looking for!

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Review

It can be difficult to find cleaning solutions for your home that are effective and long-lasting. You need to consider many factors when looking for a vacuum or carpet cleaner such as the quality of the material it is built with, its suction power and the surfaces it can be used on. If you find yourself caught up in the dilemma of being unable to find a carpet cleaner that is good enough for you, you might want to consider this Rug Doctor’s carpet cleaner.

It has been trusted by many people, has received high reviews and is known to be effective. It is made from high-quality materials so that you can continue using it for a long time, and it is great at its job. To make your research for the perfect cleaner easier, we have gone into the details of this vacuum so you can figure out if it’s the right choice for you.

Dual Cross-Action Brushes

This carpet cleaner is equipped with dual cross-action brushes that rotate in a way to scrub your carpets thoroughly. The brushes have long bristles that reach deep into the carpet to clean it inside out. With a brush setup like this, the cleaner is particularly good at completely washing your carpets instead of just cleaning on the surface.

Rather than relying only on the chemicals in the cleaner solution, the added brush action makes sure that stubborn stains and dirt that are deeply embedded are removed. Both the solution and brushes deep clean your carpets until all the dirt has been removed.

Upholstery Tool Accessory

The cleaner also comes with a handheld upholstery tool, which makes it compatible with other types of surfaces. With this fitting attached, your cleaner is no longer restricted to just carpets. It will work equally well on softer surfaces such as couches and pet beds. In this way, it’s a multipurpose device so that you don’t have to invest in many different cleaners.

Hence, instead of being limited in your cleaning journey, Rug Doctor gives you good value by allowing you to use your machine to clean the soft parts of your furniture as well. Furthermore, the hose that comes with the machine is long, so it can reach into the tight spots that are otherwise difficult to clean.



  • The cleaner has 75% more suction power as compared to other carpet cleaners according to the Standard Test Method ASTM F558-17a
  • It has a Super Boost mode for carpets that are especially dirty or have stains that are tough to remove
  • It comes with an extra-long hose so that it can be used to reach difficult and hidden spots for cleaning
  • The wheels on the machine are engineered to be easy to move across carpets and rugs
  • The tanks are easy to remove as they can simply be lifted out when they have to be emptied
  • A measuring cup is included in the setup so that the cleaning solution does not have to be separately measured
  • The handle has a tool caddy to store all extra accessories when the cleaner is stored so that nothing is misplaced
  • The handle also collapses so that the cleaner can be made compact when it’s time to store it
  • The item is lightweight at 24 pounds and is not difficult to carry
  • It also comes with a user manual that is easy to understand
  • The tank has a high 1-gallon capacity
  • The cleaner is quick drying so that you don’t have to be inconvenienced after cleaning your carpets. Within 4 hours, carpets will be completely dry

Customer Reviews & Conclusion

Customers have been pleased with the effectiveness of the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner. The large wheels make it easy to maneuver while cleaning, and the cleaning itself is thorough and long-lasting. Owning the cleaner removes the expense of professional carpet cleaning as the product gives professional results. It pulls up only dirty water so that it doesn’t destroy the fibers of the carpet.

Overall, this cleaner is a great option for those looking to invest in a device that deep cleans with the same standard as professional cleaners. Although it may feel to be a little bulky during use, the large wheels and compact storage mean it will not be as big a problem. If you are looking for a fix for your carpets to make them look as good as new, this may be the best option for you.